The Gossman Mentorship
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The Gossman Mentorship
 (Zwingle, Iowa)


For many years now, the Gossman Mentorship has interested IMSA students, mainly due to its interesting location and various branches which include but aren't limited to ornithology, ichthyology, geology, botany/forestry, and most recently photojournalism/website design. What makes this mentorship different from several others is that students get to experience first hand how to solve several real life situations, such as taking GPS coordinates and measuring the pH of a stream. Besides providing students with educational information, the Gossman Mentorship also allows students to contribute to the environment. The farm in Zwingle, Iowa is home to native species of animals, such as rare types of birds that have been reintroduced onto the land. There are also attempts at removing invasive species from the property and replacing them with indigenous plants. Botany students can vouch for this firsthand, since part of their mentorship involves planting trees. Overall, the Gossman Mentorship is educational, beneficial, and fun.

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