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Please e-mail us questions! is a sole proprietorship owned by David and Susan Gossman. It is the timber products marketing arm for Hidden Bluffs Farm in Jackson County, Iowa. The certified tree farm has a wide range of terrain, microclimes and habitats. Active programs include:
box elderTree planting - Over 60,000 trees have been planted in the last 24 years as riparians and pastures are being replanted with native forest species.

Prairie restoration - Over 60 acres have been planted with over 100 species of native grasses and forbs. Portions are burned each spring.

Oak Savanna Restoration and Recreation - Our most recent projects include efforts to restore oak savanna remnants found around the farm and on two parcels of former crop ground to recreate an oak savanna through native grass and forb planting followed by plantings of oak and hickory tree seedlings.

Timber stand improvement - Junk trees and damaged trees are culled from thefarm lumber

forest. Invasive species such as multiflora rose,  and garlic
mustard are being removed. Most logging is "low-grading" to remove damaged or undesirable trees leaving higher quality trees to continue to grow and gain in value while providing valuable natural habitat.

Habitat protection and restoration - Research has been done by students on potential sites that may have endangered species. Brush piles have been created to provide protective cover for bobwhite quail. Assistance and involvement by students and others is always welcome.

Deer Management Plan - The farm has an active deer management plan. Link for a brief description of how this program is being implemented.

GIS Mapping - Graphical Information System mapping is being developed to monitor all aspects of the operation including soil test data, tree plantings, archeological sites, native grass burns, etc.