About Tree Farm Products

TreeFarmProducts is a sole proprietorship owned by David and Susan Gossman. It is the timber products marketing arm for Hidden Bluffs Farm in Jackson County, Iowa. The certified tree farm has a wide range of terrain, microclimes and habitats. Active programs include:

Tree planting

Over 60,000 trees have been planted in the last 25 years as riparians and pastures are being replanted with native forest species.

Prairie restoration

About 100 acres have been planted with over 100 species of native grasses and forbs. Portions are burned each spring.

Oak Savanna Restoration and Recreation

Our most recent projects include efforts to restore oak savanna remnants found around the farm and on two parcels of former crop ground to recreate an oak savanna through native grass and forb planting followed by plantings of oak and hickory tree seedlings.

Timber stand improvement

Junk trees and damaged trees are culled from thefarm lumber forest. Invasive species such as multiflora rose, and garlic mustard are being removed. Most logging is "low-grading" to remove damaged or undesirable trees leaving higher quality trees to continue to grow and gain in value while providing valuable natural habitat.

Habitat protection and restoration

Research has been done by students on potential sites that may have endangered species. Brush piles have been created to provide protective cover for bobwhite quail. Assistance and involvement by students and others is always welcome.

Deer Management Plan

The farm has an active deer management plan. Click here to view.

Crop ground

Crop ground is no-till farmed with a soy bean and corn crop rotation. Soil nutrients are closely monitored with routine sampling and testing to prevent any unnecessary fertilizer application and the danger of unwanted runoff. Buffer strips and water ways are maintained to prevent soil erosion. We are early adopters of the Iowa State STRIPS program.


For several years Hidden Bluffs Farm hosted mentorship students from IMSA. During this time the students built a website which can be viewed here. Visit it for more details and lots of pictures! The farm remains available to groups interested in these educational activities.

Find us

TreeFarmProducts tree care and forestry products are sold from our store in Maquoketa, IA. If you are picking up lumber at our Maquoketa, IA location please call in advance to set a time and get directions. We are located at 103 East Platt Street.