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Water Keep Water Gel Polymer Crystals

Why Buy Water-Keep Super Absorbent Polymers?

Better Product

Water-Keep is a cross-linked potassium-based polymer specifically formulated for use in agriculture and horticulture. Many competitor products are sodium-based super absorbent polymers. They degrade within one year in the soil and they add unwanted salinity levels.

Environmentally Safe

With an essentially neutral pH, Water-Keep super absorbent polymers will break down into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water with no residual toxicity.

Save on Water and Fertilizer

Water-Keep will reduce your residential and commercial watering needs and frequency in half as well as retain your applied fertilizers and nutrients for plant use.

How much water can it release?

Research shows that Water-Keep super absorbent polymers can release up to 95% of the water absorbed and make it available to the plant. Remember that 1 lb of Water-Keep can absorb 47 gallons of rain water and 30 gallons of tap water.

Application Instructions

Water-Keep comes in 12 oz bags, and 5 lb bottles. Select a package size according to your needs. We carry both sizes.

Thoroughly mix Water-Keep granules within the planting medium.

Plant Type Application Rate
Seedling, Root Dipping Dip moist root into wet slurry
Potted Plants 1 tsp for 6" pot
2 tsp for 8" pot
3 tsp for 10" pot
2 tbsp for 5 gallon pot
Shrubs, Vegetable and Flower Beds 4 tbsp (1oz) per 60 lbs soil or sand (roughly 7 gallons of soil)
Trees 2 lbs per cubic yard of planting media
Lawns 4 lbs per 1000 square feet tilled 2" deep
or 5 lbs per 1000 square feet tilled 6" deep
Crafts, Gel Air Fresheners, Water Loving Plants, Fresh Cut Flowers 4 tbsp (1oz) per gallon of water

Note: Water-Keep must be well mixed within planting media for optimal water storage. If you transplant your tomato plant or new flower on top of a teaspoon of powder, you will probably see your plant knocked down after the first rainstorm; this water-absorbing polymer will swell up to 400 times its weight!!!

Application rates may vary according to soil conditions, amount and timing of rainfall, temperature and general weather conditions as well as the moisture requirements of the individual plants.

Water Polymer Crystals for Trees

Landscapers, Nurseries and Commercial Growers, Home Gardeners,

You may know Water-Keep under the general name of Hydrogels or Superabsorbents. Their benefits have been studied by various Cooperative Extension Services. Hydrogels increase the survival rate of new transplants because they outperform potting soils and organic amendments relative to their water holding and releasing capacity.

Water-Keep was specifically designed to improve the ability of the soil to retain water and nutrients. Water-Keep helps protect the environment by preventing fertilizer and nutrient leaching.

Each small crystal absorbs up to 400 time its weight in water. The crystals aerate the soil without any mechanical means. When added to the soil of your trees, the plant roots grow directly into the water-swollen crystals, tapping the moisture reserve as needed.

These benefits will last 7 to 10 years, insuring successful transplantation of your trees with minimal follow-up maintenance. By reducing plant watering by 50%, the addition of Water-Keep into your soil is a cost effective solution.

Transplanting Tips

Mix half the amount of Water-Keep water conserving crystals indicated in the tables below around the planting hole, mix the remaining amount with backfill. Do not amend the top two inches of backfill with polymer. Water. If you have sandy soil, add about 30% more Water-Keep than the quantities shown below.

Application rate: 1.5 to 2 oz. per one foot of root ball.

Caliper Size Average Amount of Water-Keep crystals
1" 2 oz
2" 4 oz
3" 6 oz
4" 8 oz

Container Size Average Amount of Water-Keep crystals
1 gallon 1/2 oz
3 gallons 3/4 oz
5 gallon 1 oz
10 gallon 2 oz
15 gallon 3 oz
20 gallon 4 oz
30 gallon 6 oz
50 gallon 8 oz