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Our tree care and forestry products are now rolling out at our store. Please click on the link to the left to visit the store - and come back often as we add items to the store. These products are currently available for purchase at our store in Maquoketa, Iowa.

Tree Planting Bar/ Sapling Tree Planter  

The OST Bar has a flat blade that allows the planter to quickly create a hole for a small tree seedling and then close the hole in a manner that insures soil contact with the roots.

Blade dimensions: 10 1/4"L x 3" to 3/4"W. Overall length is 38".

One piece cast iron blade and step blade.

We have used this tool to hand plant over 36,000 tree seedlings on our farm over the last 10 years. We actually have four of them so that the teams of volunteer planters in the spring can move quickly and get the trees planted fast.

Check out our library for instruction on using this tool to plant your tree seedlings.

The Delux Sapling Tree Planter has a hollow tip that allows the planter to cleanly remove about 1" of dirt.

This planter is easy to use with a 12" cross handle with "padded" rubber grips and a 4" foot plate.