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Hot Pepper Wax

Finally, an environmentally responsible Insect and Animal Repellent for Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants! The conscientious gardener will appreciate that Hot Pepper Wax is completely biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals.

Hot Pepper Wax controls and repels insects on fruits & vegetables right through harvest day. It protects fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees & shrubs, even citrus, for up to 2 weeks or longer. Hot Pepper Wax also controls and destroys insects and insect larvae: aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, cabbage loopers, and beet armyworms.

Hot Pepper Wax is a patented combination of hot Cayenne Pepper, other natural repellents and a highly refined food grade wax that makes the pepper stay put...remaining effective for two weeks or longer. We have found pepper wax to be particularly effective in controlling rabbit browse on our bare root tree platings and to also be effective at controlling deer browse for small and larger trees.

The chief active ingredient, CAPSAICIN, is an extract from cayenne pepper. It's harmless to humans - in fact, it's as edible as the sauce on barbecued Buffalo wings. For years, organic gardeners have experimented with hot-pepper home remedies against every pest, from aphids to squirrels. Hot Pepper Wax borrows from the best of their wisdom ... and takes it one step further.

Using a special formula and process (both of which are patented), Hot Pepper Wax blends capsaicin with highly refined "food-grade" paraffin wax and other ingredients. The result is a spray that coats plants with a harmless, micro-thin barrier to deter pests. Hot Pepper Wax also works as an "anti-transpirant," reducing water loss and resulting stress...a true benefit for new transplants!

Hot Pepper Wax is perfectly safe for garden produce, too - warm water rinses it completely away!

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