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Tree Care and Forestry Products Our tree care and forestry products are now available at our ebay store as well as the online shopping cart available here. Please click on the ebay link to the left to visit the ebay store - and come back often as we add items to the store. 

Available at Left - Online store with shopping cart!!!
  • Hot Pepper Wax Animal and Insect Repellent - both in ready-to use spray bottles, hose end sprayers and in pint, quart and gallon sizes for larger users
  • Tree Tubes for protecting tree seedlings - sold in groups of 10, you supply the tree, stake, cable tie and hammer
  • Tree Planting Bar for fast hand planting of bare root and small potted seedlings
  • Anchorseal Wax End Sealer - like a "wax paint" - that seals and protects the ends of freshly sawn logs and lumber from costly end checking and degrade. This is also used by wood turners to coat green turning stock. All of our green turning stock is shipped coated in Anchorseal
  • Soil Sampling Probe - sample and test your soils (and consider using our sister company - ChemRight Laboratories, Inc. for your soil testing needs)
  • Water Keep water gel crystals for improving the survivability of bare root plantings
  • Hot Pepper Brand Moisture Guard - Anti-transpirant in ready-to use spray bottles and in pint and quart zize concentrates
  • Sprayway® No. 801 Woodworker's Dry Coating Lubricant - Reduces friction, Inhibits resin build-up, Prolongs tool life - USE ON Saw Blades * Router Bits * Drill Bits * Shapers * Planers * Table Tops - Net Wt. 9.5 oz. (269g) Contains no ozone depleting chemicals -This product is available for instore pick-up only.
  • Sprayway® No. 836 Saw Cleaner Pitch & Gum Remover - Cleans saws, router bits and shaper cutters of  pitch, gum etc. - Net Wt. 18 oz. (510g) Contains no ozone depleting chemicals - Safe to use on carbide, high speed steel, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces -This product is available for instore pick-up only.
  • Kevlar lined leather Guard Dog gloves are heat and puncture resistant gloves which are excellent for chain saw and fence work. We have the regular size and the hard to find jumbo and women's sizes
  • Tree Protectors/Support - Protects saplings and young trees from pests such as rabbits and deer. Also provides support for young trees.
  • Tree Planting Bar - Quickly create a hole for a small tree seedling to be placed with the Tree Planting bar.  Quickly and easily remove about an inch of dirt in which to plant a small sapling with the Delux Sapling Planter
  • Scribner Tree and Log Scale Stick - Measure diameters from 10" to 40" by 1" diameter classes, and heights up to five 16' logs - Determine board foot volumes of standing trees up to 40" dbh and five 16'  logs - Scale logs 6" to 31" diameter with volumes printed on stick for 8', 10', 12', 14', 16' and 18' log lengths - Comfortable 25" reach. Sturdy hardwood with easy to read black graduations protected by clear varnish coating. Instructions included.