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Wax End Sealer - like a "wax paint" - that seals and protects the ends of freshly sawn logs and lumber from costly end checking and degrade.

BENEFITS --- ANCHORSEAL stops most end checking before it begins. The sooner end sealer is applied, the more effective it will be. Depending on the species, you can prevent losses of 5% - 20% of your logs and lumber by using ANCHORSEAL immediately after sawing.

SUPERIOR QUALITY --- ANCHORSEAL is known in the forest products industry as the best quality sealer and most stable wax emulsion coating available. For over two decades, ANCHORSEAL has been the sealer of choice in the hardwood industry.

PROVEN RESULTS --- Independent studies* have concluded that end coating has great benefit by reducing degrade. In freshly sawn lumber it reduces end checking losses. In freshly cut logs, it reduces blue stain and end checking.

*At Virginia Tech, research found that 5/4 green lumber that was end coated within three days of sawing produced 4% greater yield by reducing end checking.

*At the University of Wisconsin, a study was conducted on freshly sawn logs. The results indicate that end coating logs kept them fresh and more valuable by reducing end checking by six inches and reducing log staining by 9 inches after weeks of storage.

Results show that ANCHORSEAL protected logs and lumber are significantly more valuable than uncoated logs and lumber.

EASY TO APPLY --- Similar in viscosity to latex paint, ANCHORSEAL is easily brushed on or sprayed on. 

COVERAGE --- One gallon covers about 100 sq.ft. Typically, that will be three bundles of lumber (or 15-20 logs) on both ends, depending on each individual application.

ECONOMICAL --- The cost of end coating is $2 - $3 per MBF, depending on length and application technique.

ANCHORSEAL is a stable wax and water emulsion.
   Appearance: Viscous, white liquid
   Viscosity: 2000 cps. (same as latex paint)
   Weight:  45 lbs./5 gallon pail
   Specific Gravity  0.95
   Clean-Up: Use hot, soapy water (not solvents)
COLORS --- Available in natural wax Clear

STORAGE --- Just like water-based paint, care must be taken to not expose ANCHORSEAL to temperatures below 32°F. We recommend storing ANCHORSEAL in a controlled environment, above 50°F, for trouble-free use.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY --- ANCHORSEAL is essentially non-toxic and non-hazardous. ANCHORSEAL is not combustible until dried and then has a flash point in excess of 400° F/205°C.